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Need Help? Give Us a Call Today | (719) 319-4114

Reishi Multipileum- Culture Syringe 20CC

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Long revered in Chinese medicine, Reishi has been shown to severely reduce inflammation in the body and ease anxiety. Other benefits include fighting fatigue and depression, supporting heart health, and boost the immune system.

2oz Dried is approximately 5 servings. Cut the Reishi into pieces and boil for 45 minutes, then consume as a tea. You can boil the whole pack at a time and store the concentrated tea in the fridge for up to a week. Add lemon juice to decoctions to help stabilize.

Inject one 20 cc syringe per 3lb Grain Bag. Wait about 2 weeks until fully colonized. One 3lb Grain bag will inoculate 6 10lb substrate bags.

We do not offer refrigerated shipping on LC so please if it’s below freezing or over 90F consider the shipping temperatures before ordering. We will not warranty cooked or frozen cultures.

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