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Mycology Glossary

Having to fake the funk when it comes to Mycology Terms? We got you covered, below you will find a list of common terms used when talking about mycology and growing mushrooms!

This glossary of mycology is a list of definitions of terms and concepts relevant to mycology and fungi.

Agar - Nutrient rich jelly-like substance used with a petri-dish or test tube to preserve genetics.

Autoclave - A strong pressurized steam-heated vessel used for sterilization 

Bulk Substrate - Coco, Manure, Compost etc. media used in the final phase as food and material for mushrooms to form.  

Cap - The “head” of the mushroom where the spores are kept.

Casting Layer - Top layer of substrate in fruiting chamber.

Clone - Process of taking a flesh sample to replicate a specific fruit.

Coco Coir - Coconut husk that can be used as bulk substrate.

Colonize - Process of mycelium consolidating its hold on a substrate by extending new strands of mycelium into nutritious material.

Contamination - Anything foreign growing on / in substrate.

Flushes - Each harvest from same tub.

Fungus - A fungus is any member of the group of eukaryotic organisms that includes microorganisms such as yeasts and molds, as well as the more familiar mushrooms.

Gills - Part of the cap in which spores are produced.

Grain Substrate - Corn, Rye, Millet etc. media that is inoculated with mushroom genetics to let mycelium grow before being transferred to Bulk Substrate.  

Hyphae - Single cell cylindrical thread like structure.

Incubation Room - A room set at used for inoculated grain to spawn healthy mycelium.

Inoculate - The process of introducing microorganisms to a sterile media.

Liquid Culture (LC) - A nutrient rich liquid mycelium grows in to preserve genetics.

Monotub - Plastic modified tub used classically to cultivate in.

Mushroom - The Fruit body we see and eat.

Mycelium - The network of single cells called Hyphae.

Mycology - A branch of biology which studies fungi.

Pasteurize - Process where materials are partially sterilized at 140 - 160 degrees fahrenheit.

Petri-dish - Also known as a Plate/s is a shallow transparent lidded dish which is used to hold a sterile media for cell growth. 

Phenotype - Observable physical characteristics resulting from the relationship of environment and genotype.

Pinning - A stage during the fruiting period where little “heads” start to appear on the substrate. 

Slants - Also known as Stock Cultures, is a media filled test tube which can then be inoculated.

Spawn - Jars, bags, tubs etc. that have been inoculated with mushroom genetics in which the mycelium is growing vigorously.

Spore -  The reproductive seed  or cells of fungi.  

Spore Print - Process of cutting stem from cap and placing cap onto sterile surface to allow spores to drop as a way to save genetics. 

Stem - The long thing part which connects the fruit body to the substrate.

Sterilize - Make free from live bacteria or microorganisms.

Veil - Thin layer of flesh covering the spores connecting the cap to stem which is torn away once cap becomes mature and opens.

Vermiculite - Mineral material paired with another substrate to help maintain moisture.

Yield -Total amount harvested 

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