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MGP Plus - Growth Promotion + Substrate Vitality

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$27.50 - $385.00
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MGP Plus is the world's first Mushroom Growth Promoter that increases yields while simultaneously decreasing the negative effects of Trichoderma Hazardium on mushroom production. Packed full of 10 micro-organisms, this blend ensures your substrate is optimally positioned to produce beautiful fruiting while extending the life of your "cake."

TrichEVICT is a great choice for those who have moderately frequent contamination issues. The Bacillus micro-organism that protects from Trichoderma incursion, does so through a bio-film that takes around 8 days to fully form. It is important, therefore, that this treatment be utilized first when "spawning to bulk."  

Directions for use: Add 2 grams of trichEVICT to a 1L sprayer bottle. Store bottle in cool areas, out of direct sunlight. Use the contents of the bottle within 6 months for best results. Mist substrate when mixing spawn and bulk substrate material, and then mix it in. At a minimum, 8-10 sprays should be utilized per 400G of bulk substrate material.

Alternative dry use: To use dry, add 1G to the substrate and mix in

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