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Need Help? Give Us a Call Today | (719) 319-4114

Lions Mane - Culture Syringe 20CC

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Highly versatile, Lion’s Mane can be cooked to resemble crab cakes, pulled pork or a juicy chicken breast. Lion’s Mane contains the only compound known to regenerate your nervous system and brain neurons, being very beneficial for overall cognitive function, memory, and well being.

Lion’s Mane hold a good amount of water, so we recommend squeezing out the excess while cooking in a pan by pressing down on patties with a spatula.

Inject one 20 cc syringe per 3lb Grain Bag. Wait about 2 weeks until fully colonized. One 3lb Grain bag will inoculate 6 10lb substrate bags.

We do not offer refrigerated shipping on LC so please if it’s below freezing or over 90F consider the shipping temperatures before ordering. We will not warranty cooked or frozen cultures.

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