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Radical Mycology: A Treatise on Working with Fungi

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Paperback; 672 pages

Author: Peter McCoy

This is our favorite book at North Spore. It updates and builds upon the earlier work of personality mycologists like Paul Stamets and Tradd Cotter and offers an exciting, idealistic, and practical overview of the many ways mushrooms enter into the human and biological realm.

"What an amazing compendium! Radical Mycology is filled with provacative ideas and practical information for DIY projects. This is a great resource for anyone fascinated by the ubiquitous world of fungi and wishing to broaden their understanding of this important realm. Be prepared to totally geek out on fungi." -Sandor Katz (author of The Art of Fermentation and Wild Fermentation)

From the back of Radical Mycology:

"Fungi fulfill critical roles at the center of all ecological webs. They manage the flow of nutrients, determine the plant assembly of whole habitats, and profoundly support the health of innumerable species. As culturally important foods and medicines, they have been intimately tied to the development and spread of human societies since prehistory. Today, the cultivation of mushrooms and other fungi offers a seemingly unlimited potential for increasing the resilience of human communities and the environment. And yet, mycology- the study of fungi - is the most overlooked field of natural science.

In Radical Mycology, Peter McCoy provides answers to dispelling this paradox. After starting with a thorough examination of fungal biology, ecology, and historical importance, McCoy dives into the many ways to engage with and understand the vast world of fungi. Step-by-step methods for making high quality medicinal mushroom extracts, easily identifying and cultivating mushrooms and lichens, mitigating pollution via mycoremediation, growing fermenting and mycorrhizal fungi, and much more are provided alongside hundreds of descriptive photographs and illustrations. Throughout this extensive journey, McCoy also offers his personal insights into the unique gifts of fungi gleaned from his 15 years of cultivating mushrooms and studying their historical impacts.

Written for the beginner as well as the experienced mycologist, Radical Mycology is an in-depth reference and resource manual for anyone interested in the growth of mycology as a people's science. More than a book on mushrooms, Radical Mycology is a call to ally with all fungi in any effort to spawn a healthier world."

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