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Speed up the colonization stage of growth using the new Max Yield accessory, the Colonizer Lid. This lid is a perfect compliment to the Max Yield Bin that saves you time, money, and the mess of prepping your bin for early stages of growth. 

This growing tool is:

  • A simple and effective solution for promoting early stage growth 
  • Equip to speed up humidity retention assisting for substrate colonization 
  • Durable, with tight-fitting latches keep the lid sealed to the base
  • Save the time, mess and cost of using tape material to seal off your bin
  • A compact design allows to stack and store away until ready  
  • Simply switch to the standard Max Yield lid once ready to begin fruiting stage
  • Assembled size: 22.5” (L) 15.5” (W) 8" (H)
  • Lid sold separately, no base included 
  • Made in Canada


We provide everything needed to start growing your own organic mushrooms. Whether you are a professional or beginner grower, we can provide you with the most efficient Mushroom Growing Containers to grow your gourmet mushrooms of choice. With the Max Yield Bin you can grow delicious mushrooms no matter the season.

Unlike grow bags our other products for mushroom cultivation, the Max Yield Bin is designed to be used over and over again. Saving you time, money and keeping trash out of the landfills.

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